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AOA Construction Installs Impact Windows and Doors

AOA Construction Specializes in the Installation of Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors. Being General Contractors, We'll Complete Any Repair Work that Might Arise During Installation.

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Get Directions to the Exact Location of This Company and Visit Th

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About AOA Construction - Licensed General Contractor

As licensed general contractors, the team at AOA Construction understands more than window and door installation; we also have extensive experience with the wide range of complications that could come up as your doors and windows are installed.

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Contact AOA Construction About Impact Resistant Windows Doors

Contact AOA Construction for a Free Quote to Install Impact Resistant Windows and Doors in Your Home. Don't Wait for Hurricane Season to Arrive; Get Prepared Early.

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Photos of Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

View Our Photo Gallery of Recent Projects Completed by AOA Construction. Our Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Bring Both Style and Safety to Your Home

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News About Hurricanes and Tips to Stay Safe

When it comes to hurricane season, it's important to stay informed and keep up with the latest news. Our goal is to help keep your home and your family safe no matter what the weather brings.

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Hurricane Impact Resistant Storm Windows

AOA Construction installs premium hurricane impact resistant storm windows in homes throughout south Florida. Improve the safety of your house, increase your property value, and enjoy potential discounts on home owners insurance.

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Reviews of AOA Construction - Impact Windows and Doors

Read Reviews of AOA Construction Written by Clients Satisfied with the Installation of Their Hurricane Impact Resistant Window and Doors in South Florida.

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Job Opportunities at AOA Construction

AOA Construction is looking for experienced window installers.

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Impact Resistant Windows For Sale

AOA Construction has Impact Resistant Windows for Sale Available for Immediate Delivery

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Hurricane Impact Resistant Doors - Miami Dade Certified

Impact resistant doors installed by AOA Construction will enhance your curb appeal while also improving the safety and energy efficiency of your home.

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Impact Resistant Patio Doors

One of the most overlooked aspects of preparing your home from a storm is your patio door. Whether you are building a new home, renovating your existing property, or replacing a patio door that isn't up to code, call AOA Construction at (561) 660-3504.

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6 Benefits of Impact Resistant Doors

A new impact resistant door can transform the way your home looks and increase its curb appeal and it has the added benefit of providing greater protection to your home than a standard entry door.

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Impact Resistant Front Doors

Whether you've just moved into a new home, you're considering selling your home and want to increase its curb appeal, or you simply want to improve the overall value and appearance of your home, there are many benefits to having a new front door professionally installed by AOA Construction.

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Impact Resistant Sliding Glass Door Installation

Impact resistant sliding glass doors from AOA Construction offer hurricane protection, smooth operation, increased energy efficiency, and noise reduction.

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Financing for Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Financing Up to $250,000 for Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Provided By RenewPACE Financial. Protect Your Family and Increase Your Home's Value.

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Read the AOA Construction Privacy Policy

Your personal information is very important to us. Read the Privacy Policy for AOA Construction

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CGI Rebate

High performance and impact resistant, CGI Sentinel windows and doors are designed to make your home safer and better protected even under the toughest conditions.

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PGT Rebate

Get $30 back per window and get $100 back per door while keeping your loved ones protected with America’s favorite brand of impact-resistant windows and doors: PGT WinGuard.

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We Can Change a Window into a Door

AOA Construction is a fully licensed general contractor. Therefore, we have the skills and experience to change a window into a door.

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Latest Trends in Door Designs

Think of your front door as the focal point of your entire home. It's the first thing people notice when they drive by or come to visit. A front door allows you to highlight your style, personality, as well as the character of your home.

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Front Entryway Design

Homeowners who are remodeling a home or building a brand new home put a lot of thought into the exterior entryway design. From the shape of the roof to your choice of front door, this single design decision will shape the entire personality of your home's appearance and the style of its curb appeal.

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Impact Resistant Windows Versus Hurricane Shutters

Both impact resistant glass windows and hurricane shutters offer protection against major storms. Although they cost more than shutters, the investment in impact windows can end up paying for itself.

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Commercial Tenants are Seeking Energy Efficient Spaces

Energy efficiency provides benefits for your commercial tenants with a surprisingly wide appeal. Using less electricity through efficient construction influences costs, taxes, carbon-footprint, and green prestige.

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EGS International - High Performance Sliding Glass Doors and Window Systems

EGS is among the oldest manufacturers of impact sliding glass door systems in Florida. From their first sliding glass door in 1988 to the high-performance door systems they provide today, EGS can promise that their products are in for life.

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Brands We Carry

PGT ThermaTru Lawson Masonite Glass Pro Marvin EGS Builders Hardware ETI