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Your front door is the focal point of your entire home. It's the first thing people notice when they drive by or visit. A front door allows you to highlight your style, personality, as well as the character of your home. Plus, when it comes to your home's value, adding a new front door is second only to installing insulation in the attic. So, if you're looking for the biggest bang for your buck with a home improvement project, look no further than a new front door.


The type of paint you buy depends on the material used to make your door. Primers and paints are available for fiberglass, steel, wood, or any other substance used in manufacturing doors.

The kind of paint you choose needs to be an exterior category such as gloss or semi-gloss. These finishes can weather rain, dirt, and other situations Mother Nature tosses your way. This type of paint can increase bolder colors' impact, and it covers scratches and nicks splendidly.

You can paint your door while mounted to the door frame, but you will get a more handsome finish if you remove the door and take off all the hardware. Sand before painting to get rid of any imperfections, paint your door with a primer (again, for a smoother finish), and dry your door in an area away from falling dust, debris, or dirt.

Choosing your color is exciting because you can change your entrance dramatically depending on the color you choose. Some say the bolder the color, the better, while other homeowners want their entry to be relaxed, calming, and welcoming. You can also get ideas by noticing the door colors in your neighborhood.

Replacing Your Entry Door

Instead of painting, you may choose to replace the door altogether. If your door is not that exciting, you may want to find a new one. If so, you need to consider these points:

Do you need an energy-efficient door? Many homes of a certain age do not have the types of doors available on the market today. This type of door can make a big difference in reducing your heating and cooling bills. 

If you're not quite ready to completely replace your door, you might like to change the hardware out, which often makes a tremendous difference in the way the door looks. The variety of hardware options is fantastic and includes items like:

  • Metal grilles
  • Hinges
  • Door knockers, and more

Lighting Your Entry Door

Sometimes it's not so much the door as it is the lighting above and around the door that makes a difference. Lighting arrangements include:

  • Outdoor wall lanterns
  • Ceiling mount pendant lanterns or hanging lights
  • Flush mounts
  • A single sconce, and more

4 Door Material Types

Most doors on the market fall into one of these four options:

  • Fiberglass - This material is strong and durable; heat and cold resistant, practically maintenance-free.
  • Steel - If you choose steel doors, they will be easily maintained, durable; excellent at cutting down leaks and drafts, and beautifully smooth and elegant when painted.
  • Wood - Wood doors have been used for hundreds of years because they are: natural and warm in appearance; can be stained or painted to your taste, and low maintenance.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl is energy-efficient; easy-care (no painting, staining, or refinishing required), and affordable.

Impact-Resistant Doors

In Florida, French doors and sliding glass doors are popular in construction. And, the impact-resistant doors we install can make it through high-velocity winds which would shatter most glass doors and windows. Doors and windows like these come from a company with which we work closely, Therma Tru, and by other distributors, as well. 


The Therma-Tru doors and windows we install are Energy Star compliant, and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Certified. Both of these ratings mean that you, the customer, are getting energy costs savings, and you are protecting the environment by way of superior energy efficiency. The doors and windows have a layer of polyurethane foam which provides up to four times the insulation of most wood doors.

PGT Impact Resistant Doors and Windows

PGT provides homeowners with custom windows and doors that can protect against hurricane-force winds. Their doors and windows are beautiful to look at and provide protection and strength at the same time.

What We Do

Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, AOA Construction has had plenty of experience in weathering storms, hurricanes, and other risky weather that occurs in these parts. Since we live here, we know what it takes to withstand tropical climates and extremely high winds. That's why we know how to choose, and install, the best doors and windows for this area while protecting the structural integrity of your home.

With ten years of experience under our belts, we know that impact glass windows and doors are the best choice for our clients. We are general contractors, so when we install a door or window for you and your family, we can also do any necessary repair work needed before the installation begins. Here are some of the vital things to know:

  • We will consult with you concerning the best impact-resistant windows and doors for your home.
  • Our team will assist you in choosing the features that best suit the application you desire.
  • Estimates provided at no cost to you.
  • Our well-trained installation team will take measurements, and you will have your estimated cost within 48 hours.
  • Making this choice increases your property value.
  • Some insurance companies offer discounts for installing impact-resistant windows and doors. (It's a good idea to check with your insurance company to see if you can receive this discount.)

Because of our experience and skills, we have assisted many Floridians who are looking for style, protection, and cost-efficiency. If you need help with exterior door installation, impact-resistant sliding doors, or door replacement, you will receive superior service and the best quality from AOA. Let us show you how we earned the "Best of Service" award from HomeAdvisor and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today.

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