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Sliding Glass Doors

Stay Smooth with New Sliders

Impact resistant sliding glass doors from AOA Construction offer hurricane protection, smooth operation, increased energy efficiency, and noise reduction. Our contemporary sliding glass doors provide the maximum glass area allowing more natural light to enter your home while the low-e glass significantly reduces heat transfer.

Impact Resistant Sliding Glass Door Installed in Family Home

Call for New Sliding Glass Doors

Replacing Sliding Glass Doors

Replacing the sliding glass doors in your home is a major undertaking, but one that will continue to pay dividends over the years. AOA Construction will first help you choose the perfect sliders for your home (and your budget) and then our experienced crew will masterfully install your new doors.

Hurricane Protection

Sliding glass doors comprise a large surface area of your house, which is great for taking in the view and allowing light into your home. However, during a hurricane that large surface area becomes a liability; impact resistant sliding glass doors provide a level of protection that is simply unobtainable with traditional sliders. Storm resistant glass makes them nearly impossible to break which guards your family against high winds and flying debris during severe weather events.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Because sliding glass doors are so large, they allow a lot of heat to enter a home. With low-e insulated glass you will notice a dramatic decrease in how much the sun heats your home throughout the day. This equates to lower energy bills because your air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard to keep your home cool. As an added benefit, the insulated glass also filters up to 99% of UV rays which will prolong the life of your furniture and flooring. Throughout our years of installing windows, we've seen our fair share of furniture and art that had prematurely faded!

Improved Noise Reduction

Most of our clients don't realize how loud their neighbors are until they no longer hear them after we install impact resistant windows and doors into their home. Since sliding glass doors cover the most surface area, they present the best opportunity for noise reduction. Staying safe during a hurricane is certainly the best reason to upgrade your home with impact resistant hardware, but not having to hear every move your neighbors make is a bonus that all of our clients enjoy.

Protection from Intruders

From impact resistant glass to reinforced locks, our modern sliding glass doors offer a high level of protection from intruders. If your current slider seems like it's about to fall of the track, imagine how easily it could be removed by someone that's trying to get into your home. By installing heavy duty sliding glass doors, you're eliminating one of the weakest links in the security of your home. And despite their impenetrable nature, our sliding glass doors are very easy to open and close because of high quality, industrial grade rollers.

Strengthen Your Home with Impact Resistant Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are simultaneously protective barriers and part of your home's decor. They let in light, show the decoration inside your home, and compliment the overall ambiance inside and out. If you have impact-resistant sliding glass doors, you get even more out of your home. The impact-resistant glass will not only help your home look and feel more open, but it also serves as a protective barrier for your family.

  • The doors can protect you from the more extreme weather we experience here in Florida.
  • They can discourage and prevent intruders from breaking into your house.
  • The unique construction of the glass filters out many of the sun's harmful rays.

In short, impact-resistant doors do far more for your home than most other parts of your home and even your appliances.

Are Impact Resistant Sliding Glass Doors Really Necessary?

Florida has extreme weather. We experience hurricanes and smaller storms that make national and international news. One big danger of these storms is they pick up debris and objects and send them flying through the air. When non-reinforced glass is hit by these objects it may shatter and glass shards could be shot into the interior of your home.

Even more common than storms, unfortunately, is the fact that breaking a window or a sliding glass door is a common way for burglars to enter homes. Impact resistant sliding glass doors make this very method of entry difficult for thieves.

Additionally, impact-resistant sliding glass doors also make your home more energy efficient. The thick glass, combined with our precision installation techniques, keeps the cold inside and the heat outside. Your heating and air conditioning system isn't overly-taxed by constantly turning on to change the temperature.

Besides all of these benefits there is also the beauty of our sliding glass doors. They can be designed to flow right into your current decorating scheme.

What Make Impact Resistant Sliding Doors Different From Regular Sliding Doors?

The glass in impact resistant doors is made by bonding a layer of transparent PVB between two pieces of glass. PVB stands for polyvinyl butyral. This tough material makes the glass shatterproof. It takes a lot of force to break the glass in an impact-resistant sliding glass door, but some of our Florida storms are powerful and it is possible for your windows to be hit with debris. While they may break, the glass won't shatter and fly around your home. The glass is much stronger and safer than the normal glass put inside sliding doors.

Learn More About AOA Construction

AOA Construction has a unique work method for installing impact-resistant sliding glass doors.

  • After you schedule an appointment, we will meet with you and determine the needs of your home. Our technician will survey the location of the door and take measurements. You will also look at the wide variety of doors we offer. Choose the doors that interest you.
  • Within 48 hours you will receive the quote for your doors. If you want further assistance in choosing the design of your sliding doors, just ask. We want to help.
  • Once all the paperwork is signed, we will order the doors for your home.
  • Prior to installation you can see the door to make sure it meets your standards.
  • On the day of installation, we will show up on time and ready to go. Our installers will install the window as quickly as possible. However, we never sacrifice a quality installation for speed. We always make sure everything is done right, the first time.

10 years ago Ryan Mills Founded AOA Construction. His goal was to provide quality door and window installations for the Palm Beach community. Since then AOA Construction has expanded to surrounding areas.

  • We don't use subcontractors. Your installers work for directly for us. You can be assured they are all highly trained and experienced.
  • We work with you on choosing the design of your impact-resistant sliding glass doors. We have done a lot of installations and know when something looks good.
  • AOA can help you replace an existing door or window or build a new one for you. 
  • We never have a problem passing Florida's inspection process.
  • Our installers are trained and experienced. They receive continuous training about our products and installation techniques.
  • We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • We are licensed and bonded in the state of Florida

We understand there is disruption to your day when you have workers inside your home. Additionally, we know there is always some apprehension when people are working at your home. You see, we are homeowners and have families as well. So our technicians are trained to do their job as quickly as possible, with little disruption to your day.

Call (561) 914-4636 or send us an email if you have any questions about our impact-resistant sliding glass doors or any of our other products.

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