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Impact Resistant Windows

At AOA Construction, our goal is to install the perfect impact resistant windows for your home or office. We will help you decide the features that will best suit your application.

Free Estimates on Impact Resistant Windows

We provide free estimates for the installation of your windows. One of our trained installers will come to your location and take measurements on the windows or doors that are going to be replaced. You will have a price within 48 hours.

Types of Impact Resistant Windows

AOA Construction works with a variety of window manufacturers including PGT, EGS International LLC, IWC (Innovative Window Concepts), and Lawson Industries. We are able to get virtually any window depending on your requirements.

Vinyl impact resistant windows are becoming popular because of the increased energy savings. These windows have a regular piece of glass as the first, then an air space, and then lastly the impact resistant glass. With an aluminum frame impact resistant window, the entire piece of glass is impact resistant. AOA Construction recommends aluminum framed impact resistant windows.

In addition to increasing the property value of your home, impact resistant windows may also provide you with insurance discounts; please contact your insurance agent to confirm your potential savings.

Financing Available for Windows and Doors

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You may be eligible for up $250,000 in financing for energy efficiency upgrades in Palm Beach County.

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