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6 Benefits of Impact Resistant Doors

If you are like many homeowners, then you may not give much thought to the safety and security of your front door. In fact, if you have a garage, then you may not even go through your front door very often. However, your front door is your home's first line of defense against infiltration from burglars and potential storm damage, making it important that you invest in an entry door that is up to the task of protecting your home. This is particularly important in South Florida, as increasingly frequent and powerful hurricanes make it necessary for homeowners to invest in measures to protect their homes from storm damage.

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Improved Style With Increased Protection

If you have been thinking about updating your home's entry door, you should be considering an impact resistent door. Not only can a new storm resistant front door improve the curb appeal of your home, it also has the added benefit of providing greater protection from hurricanes and intruders.

Shelter from the Storm

The biggest benefit impact doors provide homeowners in Florida with is increased protection from the elements. While Florida is a great place to live for those who enjoy the sun and spending time outside year-round, the Sunshine State is also hit by more tropical storms and hurricanes than any other state. Fortunately, impact-resistant doors are engineered to withstand heavy winds, rain, and impact from flying projectiles without succumbing to the damage. Even in storms where there are winds in excess of 100 mph, impact doors will help protect you and your home. In fact, due to the way these doors are designed, (with two layers of impact-resistant glass separated by a layer of plastic) even if the outer layer of glass should break upon impact, the glass will adhere to the inner plastic and continue protecting your home from the elements.

Bye-Bye Burglars

Of course, being designed to withstand even the toughest storms means that impact-resistant doors can also significantly improve the security of your home by making it extremely difficult for burglars to break down your front door. The fact is that if your entry door can withstand being struck by a projectile carried by 100 mph winds, then it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for an intruder to break down your impact-resistant door. This can help to deter criminals who may give up and choose an easier target, making impact-resistant doors a sound investment that can increase your peace-of-mind.

Intense Insulation

Not only are impact-resistant entry doors sturdy, but they are also designed with your comfort in mind. Not only are many of these doors made with insulated impact glass that helps to provide superior insulation than a traditional door, but also, many impact-resistant doors have high-performance Low-E coatings that reduce heat transfer, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home year-round. The fact is that in many homes, doors and windows are the primary sources of energy loss. However, with their superior insulation, an impact-resistant energy door can help to reduce heat transfer significantly within your home, keeping you comfortable while helping to reduce your energy bills.

Reduces Noise to a Whisper

Perhaps your neighbor has a motorcycle that he loves, but you don't because it is so loud that it rattles your entire house. Well... you're in luck; an added benefit of the superior insulation impact-resistant doors provide is that these doors can help to significantly reduce the amount of noise transfer you experience within your home. If you live on a busy street, near a playground, or if you have noisy neighbors, then you know how disrupting noise transfer can be. A poorly insulated door can let the outside world into your home, making it difficult to relax at the end of a long day. You may even find yourself starting to worry about your privacy if your home has poor insulation, since it is likely that people can hear you if you can hear them. Fortunately, an impact-resistant door can help to solve this problem by cutting down on noise transfer in your home.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Another benefit of impact-resistant doors is that they can help to protect your home from the sun, or more importantly, the sun's dangerous UV rays. Depending on the door you choose, impact-resistant glass doors can significantly reduce the number of UV rays that enter your home compared to a regular glass door, with some impact glass doors and windows being able to block up to 99% of the sun's UV rays. This can allow you to enjoy letting sunlight into your home without having to worry about the harmful effects that UV rays can have on your skin and your belongings. Not only are UV rays known to cause skin cancer, but these rays can also be damaging to items in your home causing furniture, carpets, rugs, draperies, and even paintings to fade and deteriorate prematurely.

Save Money on Insurance

In areas prone to hurricanes, many homeowner's insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who add features to their homes that help to protect them from hurricanes, such as impact-resistant doors. Many companies see impact doors as a reliable defense against hurricanes, and they are willing to offer homeowners with these doors a discount as it reduces their liability. However, before installing impact-resistant doors, it is important that you talk to your insurance provider to learn what requirements you have to meet to earn this policy discount. Typically, you can only qualify for an insurance discount if all of the openings in your home are protected by impact resistant products.


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