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Impact Resistant Doors

Hurricanes, intruders, storms - when it comes to providing your family with a safe home, impact resistant doors top the list in South Florida. With stormy weather always a possibility in Palm Beach County, you want to stay prepared for mother nature at every turn.

At AOA Construction, we offer the industry-best in impact resistant doors - whether you're looking for sleek sliding glass doors or elegant French doors, we have what you need to protect your home and family.


Upgrade Your Doors

Choosing the Right Impact Resistant Doors

Choosing the doors that will protect your property and your family is no small decision. Luckily, our team at AOA Construction is well-versed in choosing doors that work best for your situation. In fact, we custom tailor all of our recommendations for your home while still collaborating with you on aesthetic elements that you find important. Lastly, to better assist you with the decision for your new purchase we carry the best-in-classs brands of impact doors.

  • PGT
  • ThermaTru
  • GlasPro Inc
  • Masonite
  • BHI Florida

Looks Do Matter

Impact resistant doors can offer the perfect combination of form and function. When you want to make your house look beautiful — and increase your home's value for any sales down the road — it's important to choose products that resonate with your home's design. We can custom make your door to fit in with your unique style, so you never have to compromise on the look of your doors. When it's time for a consultation, our professionals will discuss how to make your vision a reality.

Do I Need Impact Resistant Doors?

In the midst of a storm or hurricane, debris carried by high-velocity winds can shatter ordinary glass doors and windows. That's why impact resistant glass is vital in South Florida. Digging a little deeper, the laminated glass in impact resistant sliding doors and French doors is composed of layers of glass with a plastic layer (usually PVB) inside.

Unlike regular doors, impact resistant doors can hold up to high winds and extreme conditions. And even if the outer layer of glass does break from an impact, the glass will adhere to the inner layer of plastic. You'll see a characteristic spider-web crack, but your home and family will remain protected. By staying solid, impact resistant doors protect the structural integrity of your home.

Protection from the Elements

Though we love the balmy weather and coastal beauty of Florida, the Sunshine State is hit more frequently by tropical weather and hurricanes than any other U.S. state. Luckily, impact resistant doors can make a huge difference to your safety. By sealing your home from the elements, impact resistant doors ensure that your possessions and family members stay sheltered from high winds, rain, debris, and structural collapse.

Protection from Burglars

With regular glass, it's relatively simple to shatter a door with a blunt object. However, impact resistant glass deter burglars by providing a series of obstacles to entry. Since the outer layer doesn't shatter, it presents an impediment to burglars even if they do manage to crack the outside layer of glass. At the end of the day, this leads to a more secure home — and greater peace of mind for you.

Blocks UV Rays and Noise

The layer of plastic inside laminated glass provides some extra benefits: UV blocking and sound-proofing. Designed to be sturdier and more soundproof than ordinary doors, you'll reap the benefits of fewer disturbances from the highway or neighborhood. And your energy bill will thank you, as well. Impact resistant doors are designed to block UV light from outside, helping you regulate your home's energy throughout the year.

Save on Insurance

In an area prone to hurricanes, many homeowners insurance companies are happy to issue discounts for impact resistant doors. In fact, you might find that the annual discount you receive from impact resistant doors might greatly offset the initial upfront cost over the years. Make sure to talk to your insurance company about any special deals they might offer. In addition to keeping your insurance company happy, installing impact resistant doors satisfies Florida's Building Codes for high-risk areas.


Licensed, Professional, Award-Winning Installation

As a locally business in Palm Beach County, nothing is more important to us than providing the best service to our community. Whether you're looking for exterior door installation, impact resistant sliding doors, or door replacement, we have what it takes to get your the best in service and quality. To meet our customer's needs, we provide free estimates for the installation. To ensure you get the most accurate estimate, our trained installers will travel to your home, take measurements, and come up with a quote within 48 hours. We're committed to service, and this is how we show it:

  • Complete clean up after install. No more dust and debris to deal with after installation. We'll ensure that your home is neat and tidy before we leave.
  • No subcontractors. Tired of subcontractors doing sub-par work? All of our work is done in-house, by our trained professionals.
  • We use the right product for the right application. We're happy to help you choose the product that works best for you.
  • Most of our referrals are from satisfied customers. Our reviews speak for themselves, and we're proud of our trusted position in the community.
  • We Pass Inspections with Flying Colors. Our doors and window installation is designed to meet and exceed Florida building codes for safety.
  • Fair Prices. As part of our commitment to excellent service, our prices are fair and upfront. We also offer financing for impact resistant doors.

Our commitment to quality can be seen in everything we do. We're proud to have earned the "Best of Service" award on HomeAdvisor, along with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  With over 10 years of experience with impact resistant windows and doors, we're proud to offer the absolute best in service to our Palm Beach County community.

"They have done work for me multiple times. I have referred them out to many of my friends in West Palm Beach as well. They are honest and easy to work with. They make you feel comfortable in the process from start to finish."

- Brent P.

A Safer Home Starting Today in Palm Beach County, FL

When it comes to increasing the safety and efficiency of your home, we specialize in installing impact resistant doors, windows, and garage doors to suit your needs. With an eye on creating the perfect design for your home, office, or condo we'll quickly and efficiently get you situated. If you want to get in touch about our impact resistant doors or impact resistant windows, please contact us today.

Brands We Carry

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