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Change a Window into a Door

Do you wish you had direct access from the master bedroom to the deck? If you want an extra opening in your home, converting a window into a door is a very popular home improvement project. The primary advantage of converting a window rather than cutting a new door is that you already know the location is not load bearing and much of the carpentry has been done.

However, this is not a DIY project; changing a window into a door should only be done by an experienced, licensed contractor. Call AOA Construction at (561) 914-4636 to get a free quote on changing a window into a door.


Things to Consider

We want to outline what homeowners should know ahead of time when converting a window to a door. Although this is a very popular project, there are several considerations you should take into account before starting this type of renovation.


Replacing a window doesn't need a permit; upgrading your window to a door does. Your home may fail inspection if you have a change that does not have an associated permit on hand, and this could result in the next buyer not being able to get a loan. Permits can be expensive but not being able to sell your home is even more expensive.


It's not uncommon for there to be electrical wiring under a window, which a DIYer might not notice until it is too late. Professional contractors have equipment to trace wires through the wall and can establish whether there is wiring which needs to be rerouted and which circuits need to be turned off.

Door Width

The door you will be replacing the window with will be about two inches narrower than the window. This means that a 32" window will not convert to a 32" door, but rather a 30" one. This might be enough for some people, but it is worth considering whether the door will be wide enough. For example, doors need to be 32 inches wide for a wheelchair to fit through comfortably.

Typical Steps in a Window-to-Door Conversion

  1. AOA Construction will work with you to choose the right door for your project. Window to door conversions can be done with both sliding and "regular" doors, depending on your needs. A lot of conversions are done to French doors for yard access. In some cases we may need to create a custom door to fit the available space. We will also advise you on the best kind of door for the specific location and surroundings. We will also need to know what kind of siding you have.
  2. The new door will be ordered or constructed and brought to your home. How long this takes depends on whether the door has to be special ordered or custom designed. As window openings can be of an odd size for doors, the risk of having to special order a door is high.
  3. Our team will check the area for electrical wiring and other obstructions. If wiring has to be rerouted, you may also need an electrician to come in. Rarely, it may turn out that your window is a poor choice for conversion, but this is very rare. However, obstructions or rewiring can increase time and cost.
  4. We will mark the area to be cut on the outside of your home, and then cut through the siding under the window, removing the siding and insulation, then check again for problems or obstructions that may have been missed.
  5. Then, we will remove the window casing and your old window and cut the studs all the way down to the floor and remove the remaining wall.
  6. The interior door frame will be installed in the hole and secured to the opening. As windows are, by definition, in non-load bearing areas there will be no concern about structural problems.
  7. We will then install the door and its hardware.
  8. The exterior door frame will be installed. You should choose a frame that matches the rest of your house. Ideally, it should look as if the door was always meant to be there.
  9. Any work that needs to be done to allow easy access to the door will be done, such as putting in steps or a small ramp.
  10. The contractor will remove the debris and the old window and clean up the site. A good contractor will take extra care to clean up the area so that you are not dealing with dust and debris. You will be able to use the door almost immediately.

AOA Construction will generally cordon off the area where we are working with drop cloths so that we don't spread dust into the rest of your house. We will also have to remove any base and shoe molding from under the door. Generally, window to door conversion is a one to two day job, barring inclement weather. It may take longer if the house is above the deck, for example, and we have to install two or three steps to give access to the new door. This will also effect the overall cost. Cost will also be higher if we have to design a custom door, although for some projects that extra cost is more than worth it.

If you are looking into replacing a window with a door, contact AOA Construction for a quote today. We use impact resistant glass and are experienced at doing window to door conversions that fit the character of your home, look seamless, and will improve value and curb appeal.

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