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Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings

Cultivating a commercial space to attract tenants is an ongoing process; trends will change over the years and the right decor, amenities, and contract terms will vary from market to market. But energy efficiency is the one thing that appeals to all demographics.

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Green Construction

Energy efficient real estate and green construction are at the height of popularity. Today's tenants are watching for storm windows, perfectly sealed doors, and energy-star appliances. Energy-efficiency provides benefits for your commercial tenants with a surprisingly wide impact. Using less electricity has the potential to influence monthly expenses, taxes, carbon-footprint, and green prestige with single-focus upgrades. No matter what industry you're in there are many powerful reasons why energy-efficient buildings attract more tenants, .

Lower Utility Bills

The single most profound and obvious benefit of energy-efficiency is that your tenants will pay lower utility bills. This is especially important for high-power-consumption businesses like restaurants and commercial labs. Businesses with large windows require thick and double-paned installation to avoid losing money from heating and cooling every year. Every business is looking for ways to reduce overhead and it factors heavily into commercial space selection. If you can show significantly lower percentage utility costs, tenants will prioritize your space over nearby competition that would cost more per month to operate. The more high-consumption tenants you hope to attract, the more powerful lowered utility costs can be.

The Hot Eco-Friendly Trend

Green business is seen globally as prestigious. In terms of leading trends, being eco-friendly crosses almost all industries and aspects of the business world. Investing in green products, processes, and real estate has become a way to impress both customers and business partners. Commercial tenants see an energy-efficient building as a benefit because it is a step up on the ladder of business prestige. The greener a building becomes, the more trendy the location is for tenants who identify as environmentally friendly. Big, beautiful hurricane windows that save energy and impact resistant doors made from sustainable materials are in the spotlight because they show a building that is at the cutting-edge of eco technology.

Sustainable Tax Incentives

It's also worth noting that both national and state governments offer a spread of tax incentives for sustainable business practices. Businesses that reduce their power, water, and waste use can often receive fund or tax deductions as a reward for reducing the local overall footprint. Due to the green business trend, many businesses are aware of these tax incentives and those who aren't will be eager to find out. When a modern business changes location, finding a commercial space with proven energy efficiency can provide tax-related benefits that are very attractive.

Energy Provider Incentives

Interestingly, energy providers may also provide incentives, especially for businesses that engage in a diversity of efficient energy sources. Some methods of increasing your building's energy-efficiency can result in discounts and partnership incentives from local energy providers. These benefits might go through the building or they might be passed on to your building tenants, depending on how the energy provider deals with the building. For energy-savvy business tenants, they may already be prepared to use your energy-efficiency for targeted provider incentives. An energy management company can often help commercial property owners and tenants find the best opportunities.

The Prestige and Telling the Story

For some businesses, choosing a green building is all about telling the story. The consumer audience loves an eco-friendly story and brands are delighted to oblige. They can weave an entire advertising campaign and brand aspect from the eco-friendliness of the building. They will take pictures of the recycle chute, hold business parties in the garden or greenhouse, and publish their power bill efficiency percents as a point of pride. An efficient building can become the scene for a prestigious founding story and the scene for a thousand social media stories and behind-the-scenes videos.

Green Buildings Influence Hiring

For many businesses, even hiring can be influenced by the eco-friendliness of the commercial building. Millennials and Gen Z, the current 18-40 workforce, are notoriously passionate about environmental causes and inspired by green workspaces. Sweeping open floor plans, glass-divided workspaces, great lighting, biophilic design, and energy-efficiency make modern professionals happy to come into work. Depending on the industry of each tenant, the eco-friendly improvements to your building can significantly influence how attractive the businesses are to their own new hires.

Dedication to Green Business Practices

Never underestimate the passion of some businesses for vertical sustainable practices. There is a loose but powerful alliance of green businesses that existed long before today's hot trend. These businesses, and many startups along the same vein, are dedicated to green business practices from top to bottom. Every business process they engage in, every business they partner with, is another chance to make a difference. These businesses are always looking for an energy-efficient commercial space. They will prioritize the greenest commercial space that can be afforded in their region. The details of energy-efficiency are also fascinating to tenants dedicated to green practices. The more data you can provide about your suppliers and designers, and the lower footprint you can create, the more influence you have with the green business faction.

Compounded Eco Benefits

Commercial tenants who are interested in energy-efficiency may also be inspired to build onto your achievements so far. With energy-efficient real estate, they have the opportunity to combine your efficient outlets and amenities with efficient appliances and equipment of their own. A tenant's energy use could drop more than could be predicted by combining your efficient commercial space with their own internal innovations. By cleverly managing your energy and making the most of architectural design, you can further increase building efficiency. For example, you can use rooftop solar to provide a private circuit for running fun display screens and interior gardens. You can use skylights and windows to provide natural light during the day, and breezy architecture to reduce your need for high-powered HVAC fans.

Attract Tenants with Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

For a modern commercial property owner, attracting tenants is all about following the most powerful and lasting trends. Improving the energy efficiency of your commercial spaces will reduce the costs of your property, but the impact on tenants is far more profound. Between the hot trend for eco-friendly business practices and many long-term dedicated green businesses, you will never see a scarcity of tenants interested in energy-efficient buildings.

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