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Patio Doors

Owning a home in Florida is both a great joy and a great responsibility; the biggest tradeoff for the wonderful weather and the beautiful beach views is dealing with hurricanes. The tropical storms that blow through Florida can get truly intense with gale-force winds and rains pounding hard enough to cause water damage to unprepared homes.

One of the most overlooked aspects of preparing your home from a storm is your patio door. It becomes especially important to upgrade this entryway if your style includes a wide-panel glass patio door that opens up your living room to your backyard. Whether you are building a new home, renovating your existing property, or replacing a patio door that isn't up to code, call AOA Construction at (561) 914-4636; one of our impact door specialists will be happy to help.


Things to Look For

  • Impact Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Smooth Operation

The Importance of Impact Resistance

Impact resistance matters when it comes to Florida home patio doors because it's more than just rain pelting the side of your home when the storms blow through. From intense tropical storms to named hurricanes, the winds from these storms can sometimes (quite often) uproot trees, break away limbs, and even toss patio furniture around the neighborhood.

Patio doors that are not impact resistant stand a serious risk of being hit with a tree branch, a piece of furniture, or other flying debris. This can do incredible damage to the door and to the home itself if the door fails and shatters. Not only does a broken door result in shards of glass, but from that point on the storm is able to blow its gusts of home-damaging wind and rain into the house itself. Impact-resistant patio doors are the key to a safer Florida home.

Energy Efficient Doors Also Reduce Noise

Energy efficiency plays an important role in patio door selection. It's easy to make a glass door that sits in the frame but only high-quality construction and installation can provide the ability to keep your cool (and expensive) air conditioning inside your house while keeping out the heat and UV rays from the sun all year long.

If you are replacing older patio doors with modern, energy-efficient models, you will notice a drop in your utility bill; oftentimes these savings can offset the cost of the doors over a relatively short amount of time. You'll realize how much A/C your old doors let escape when you open your new energy-efficient doors; you'll feel the hallmark whoosh of air as the door suddenly permits air transference across the threshold. This tight seal also provides a noticeable reduction in outside noise; you'll find your home to be much quieter once your new doors are installed.

Quality Craftsmanship and Design

Your patio doors deserve to be as beautiful as both your home and the patio itself. These entryways are an essential part of your home decor, and if you are like most Floridians, you spend a considerable amount of time enjoying your deck, patio, backyard or pool. So, these doors aren't just tools to keep storms out and the air conditioning in, they are integral to the natural flow between your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Your back patio is where people tend to congregate for activities, or perhaps you host family gatherings or other important events, such as grilling delicious meals. This means your patio doors should reflect your sense of style; for many Floridians, this means a contemporary design with a crystal-clear pane of impact resistant glass that allows you to enjoy the beauty of your back patio and the vistas beyond even when you're indoors enjoying the A/C.

Nearly Effortless Operation

Finally, a patio door must function as if it were weightless. A beautifully designed and well-installed door will glide open at a touch and seal itself closed behind you. There should be no need to struggle or use significant force to get it to open or close. The lock should line up perfectly so that when turned it too glides smoothly and clicks confidently into place.

Anyone who has had a less than perfect patio door will recognize all of these priorities as absolute necessities; your patio door should be effortless, and this is something easy to accomplish when you work with the experts at AOA Construction.


Patio Doors Installed by AOA Construction

Here at AOA Construction, we do everything possible to ensure that your patio door is perfect. It must be perfect for your home, perfect for your style, and perfect for the way you will interact with it. We will do preliminary consultations to make sure you choose the exact door that will best suit your home; we carry the top brands of patio doors including PGT, ThermaTru, and Masonite. Next, we'll ask you to see the doors before they are installed to ensure you're satisfied with them in-person, and then we will install them quickly with the highest possible regard for quality and integrity of the installation.

Call (561) 914-4636 to ask how we can help.

Brands We Carry

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