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Top 10 Reasons to Install Impact Resistant Windows

The AOA Construction team has been installing impact-resistant windows in Florida homes since 2015. We've seen first hand the dramatic change these windows can make in both the appearance and safety of your home. Despite all the benefits, some people still aren't sure impact-resistant windows are worth it. Are you are still using hurricane shutters for your storm protection? Here are ten great reasons you should ditch the shutters and have new impact-resistant windows installed before the next big storm.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Windows and doors can be a major source of energy leaks in your home. Deterioration such as weak seals around the door and window frames can allow air to escape. This means your home's air conditioner will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable inside temperature. The harder it is to heat or cool your home, the more energy your HVAC system consumes to get it done. That's really bad news for your bank account when your monthly energy bill arrives. The Department of Energy estimates that energy loss from windows accounts for about 25% of your heating and cooling bills. So eliminating that loss could be huge savings on your monthly budget.

Makes Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Using less energy to regulate the temperature of your home is great for cost savings, sure. But it will also mean your home is a lot more eco-friendly. Reducing energy consumption is one of the most important steps you can take to lower your carbon footprint and reduce your environmental impact. More energy-efficient windows are a big part of that energy use reduction. That means you can feel good about the steps you are taking towards improving your home and protecting the environment.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Want to give your home the edge on the market? Impact-resistant windows will do just that. These windows and doors appeal to potential buyers thanks to their low-maintenance and increased security against both criminal activity and severe weather. So the installation cost can actually end up more than paying for itself when you go to sell your home. It may translate into a better final offer and a quicker resale timeline.

Keep Outside Noise to a Minimum

Depending on where you live, this can be a massive benefit. If you live on a busy street or in an active (and noisy) neighborhood, then you'll really love this about impact-resistant windows. Because impact-resistant windows have thicker glass and insulation than traditional windows, they help reduce the amount of outside noise leaking into your home. That can mean a more peaceful home environment, including fewer interruptions when you are trying to sleep.

You May Get Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies know that homeowners with impact-resistant windows and doors installed are less likely to make a claim against their policy. Because of that, many companies will offer a discount on your monthly insurance premium after you provide proof of installation. Depending on the company and the policy, that can translate into significant annual savings for your household budget. It's worth checking in with your home insurance policy to see if they offer any discounts.

Less Maintenance Work

Old windows can be a lot of work. You'll need to scrape, sand, and paint your wood-framed windows every few years. Older windows can also have a film on them that won't come off, no matter how hard you scrub. High-quality impact-resistant windows have a durable, maintenance-free PVC frame that means you'll never have to paint your windows again. Many of the window models available through AOA Construction have a handy tilt-in feature, too. That means when you won't have to climb up on a ladder to clean them. Simply tilt the window in, wipe it down, and push it back into place.

Better Protection Against Break-Ins

Sure, impact-resistant windows are great for storms and hurricanes. But that thick glass resists all types of impact, including the impact of someone trying to break in. The thick glass and insulation mean it's much more difficult to gain entry into your house by breaking a window. That can add a layer of protection to your home security, meaning you can sleep easier at night.

Better Curb Appeal for Your Home

Old windows and doors can make your home look dated. Peeling frames, cloudy glass, and dated styles can reduce your curb appeal (as well as your home's value). Replacing those old doors and windows with high-quality, beautiful styles can be a quick boost to the overall look of your home. While that's great for your property values, it's also establishing a better first impression for visitors. Since the exterior of your home is the first thing they'll see when they visit, you'll want to make sure what they see is as nice as possible.

UV Protection for Your Home's Interior

Impact-resistant windows have a UV coating on them to help protect the interior furnishings of your home. Exposure to UV rays from the sun can damage your flooring, carpeting, rugs, and upholstered furniture by fading them permanently. If you've ever left a rug in the sun for too long, you've probably experienced this for yourself. The UV coating on our windows will stop UV rays from entering your home. That means no more damage to your furnishings and reduced replacement costs.

Protection Against Storms and Hurricanes

It might be the most obvious reason but it's also one of the most important. Florida is an amazing place to live, but living here means you'll need to prepare for the extreme weather. The Balance reports that hurricane damage costs about $28 billion a year in the United States. Florida is responsible for more than half of those costs. Those expenses will grow as storms continue to increase in severity and coastal regions are becoming more built up. The more you can prepare your home for the next storm, the less damage you'll experience (and have to pay for) in the aftermath. Impact-resistant windows are an important part of this preparation and planning.

Ready to have high-quality impact-resistant windows and doors installed in your Florida home? Get in touch with AOA Construction for a free estimate. Be sure to check out our financing options, too, so you can get the windows you want to protect your home from the next big storm.

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