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The Importance of a Hurricane Resistant Patio Door

Your patio door is an essential part of the everyday flow in your home. From the back patio to the family living space, your patio door is often made of glass to visually combine the two spaces, even when the door is closed. However, the trade we make for sunshine and beautiful year-round temperatures is the occasional hurricane. Hurricanes are a serious consideration for homeowners in coastal regions, especially along the Atlantic coast where hurricanes are most frequently brewed.

It is vital to design and maintain coastal homes in a way that is protected from the damage that hurricanes can do. Hurricane proofing becomes a practiced skill. The better designed your home is, the less manual prep you need to do when a hurricane is blowing in. One of the best things you can do is to invest in hurricane resistant doors and windows.

The Dangers of Hurricane Season

Hurricane season throws a lot at coastal homes. A hurricane can lash your home with gale-force winds and rain driving just as fast. Vertical and horizontal rains can cause flooding and pound every feature of your home until any weak points begin to leak. Doors are particularly susceptible to leaks and being shaken by the wind.

Hurricanes also bring a far more dangerous threat, impacts from larger objects caught in the wind. Trees and branches blown out of place and skittering patio furniture are among the most common types of impacts that can damage your home during a hurricane.


Why Impact Resistant Patio Doors?

Patio doors are a common weak point in a home's hurricane defenses. Doors are designed to open, which means any flaw in the weather stripping, the latch, or the glass can result in a mess. Hurricane disasters can be as small as a leak at the threshhold to broken glass from impacting with flying storm debris. If your patio door is damaged, this is more than just a repair bill, it allows the storm into your family interior space. A hurricane resistant patio door offers important benefits that work together to protect your home.

Impact-Resistance for Heavy Winds and Hurricane Debris

Patio doors are beautiful when built with glass. They let in the sunshine in and create a smooth household flow. However, glass is also much more susceptible to impacts when the next hurricane blows through. Tree branches, patio furniture, even wind-caught children's toys suddenly become battering rams if the wind turns toward your door. The last thing you need is shattered glass and the storm raging inside the house. Impact-resistance is essential in a hurricane resistant patio door. Glass storm doors are the ideal solution, providing the impact-resistance you need.

Shield the Sounds of Wind and Rain

When you live in a well-built home, weathering a hurricane is often more comfortable and safe than leaving town. Many coastal homeowners grow accustomed to battening down the hatches and settling in for a few days with the family. Anyone who's ever weathered a hurricane knows that the roaring wind and pelting rain are part of the experience, but can also make conversation more difficult. hurricane resistant doors and windows make that easier. Because the glass is insulated and the materials used are also more insulating, sound is blocked. A benefit of weather-proofing and energy-efficient building is that soundproofing is a side-effect.

Energy Efficiency When it Matters Most

Hurricane-proofing also supplies and benefits from energy efficiency. An energy efficient patio door is one that is well-insulated with good weather stripping and prevents conditioned air from leaving the house. This can keep your house cool when the AC shuts off and help to reduce your home's power load if you switch to a backup generator.

Secured Tightly Against the Storm

A hurricane resistant patio door is also likely to be equipped with a heavy-duty lock designed to withstand very forceful pressures. You don't want your patio door to come unlatched and fly open in a hurricane wind. The right door installation will ensure that you have a glass patio door that not only looks beautiful, keeps the weather out, and resists impacts; you will also have a door that both opens easily and shuts securely with no risk fo shaking loose in a storm.

Protecting Your Home with Hurricane Resistant Patio Doors

As a homeowner, it is your role to make the best decisions for your family and for the house itself. Upgrades today turn into long-term value, enjoyment, and safety for the home. Each aspect you build or change should consider the local weather and the seasonal hazards associated with the location. Here on or near the coast, our biggest seasonal risk is hurricane season, a serious bout of nature to contend with.

The good news is that you don't have to forego a glass door in favor of titanium. Instead, install a professionally reinforced patio door designed specifically to resist the hurricanes that blow through your region. A hurricane resistant patio door can be essential to safely and comfortably waiting out a storm, or for keeping your home interior safe while you evacuate with the rest of the local population. A good storm door can go a long way, especially when you choose a style that is both beautiful and effective against impacts and weather. Call (561) 914-4636 today to get started.

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