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What is the best way to prepare my home for hurricane season?

The best way to prepare your home for hurricane season is to install impact resistant windows and doors. Once that is complete, there are many additional precautions that will improve the safety of your home when the next hurricane makes landfall.

The best way to prepare your home for hurricane season is to install impact resistant windows and doors. Once that project is complete, there are many additional precautions that will improve the ability of your home to withstand the next hurricane when it makes landfall.

Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Although a significant undertaking, the single best improvement you can perform to make your house safer during hurricane season is to install impact resistant windows and doors. Impact resistant windows not only are less likely to break when struck by flying debris during a hurricane, they also offer structural benefits that make them more effective. These windows and doors are also much harder for a thief to compromise, providing you with peace of mind 365 days a year. While they are a substantial investment, impact resistant windows and doors also improve the energy efficiency and resale value of your home.

Secure Objects Outside your Home

Anything outside your home that is not tied down can become a projectile. Move lawn furniture and toys into the garage or home when a storm is in the forecast. Potted plants should be moved to a corner between the house and the fence or along the side of the house, then tied together using bungee cords. Tie down trashcans and recycling bins so you do not have to search the neighborhood for them after the storm. Remove branches and debris from your yard. Get your trees trimmed at the start of hurricane season. If you have a trampoline, please bring it into the garage or inside. Trampolines have been known to show up miles away.

Consider a Whole-Home Generator

It's worth investing in a generator. Whether or not you evacuate, your home is likely to be without power for several days at least once during the season. A generator can reduce your losses from spoiled food and keep your house habitable if it's hot after the storm. Test your generator before storm season and follow the manufacturer's suggestions about maintenance. Under no circumstances should a portable generator be used inside.

Fortify Your Garage Door

Garage doors are a weak link a lot of people forget about. You want a windowless garage door rated to withstand at least 50 pounds of pressure per square foot. Single doors are better than double. If your door isn't up to spec (or you just moved in and aren't sure) and replacing it isn't in the budget right now, get a bracing system that anchors the door from the inside.

Add Head & Foot Bolts to Doors

Another inexpensive way to reduce damage is to add head and foot bolts to all of your doors. Bolts at the top and bottom of your doors give them a bit of extra structural integrity against wind damage and reduce the risk of your door being blown open.

Unplug Unused Appliances

If you can unplug it for the duration of the storm, do. Unplug computers, printers, etc. Do not leave your phone on its charger. Anything that can't be unplugged, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, needs to be on a surge protector. Power issues can create surges that are highly destructive to your electronics.

Move Items Out of the Flood Zone

Park your car on higher ground. Move valuable property that is prone to water damage to upper floors. Take your most valuable documents, photos, and artwork with you when you evacuate.

Don't Wait: Get Sandbags Early

Do not wait until there is a storm to get sandbags for your home; get them well in advance. You want to sandbag at least two feet high at every ground floor entrance to your home.

Keep Your Roof Well Maintained

If your roof comes off, that's the end of your house. Hire a contractor to inspect your roof and repair any damage. Ask them about roof clips which can increase your roof's ability to withstand strong winds.

Keep Your Home Intact During the Storm

Protecting your home and contents from hurricane damage is vital - especially in today's times. Impact resistant doors and windows are one of the best things you can do to make sure that your house remains intact and your family stays safe during the storm.

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