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How do I know if my windows are impact resistant?

The easiest way to tell if your windows are impact-resistant is a label. Look in the corner of your window for markings that state the manufacturer, glass thickness and safety features.

While this is an option, windows are often custom fitted which means glass needs to be cut. If there isn't a permanent marking, search for a temporary label or sticker.

In the absence of any markings on the window, your reflection can offer some information. Impact resistant glass is created with two panes of glass. Therefore, you will be able to see a double reflection in an impact resistant window. Since the panes are fitted tightly together, you shouldn't expect to see two distinct images. Instead, look for an outline surrounding your hand or another object when you put it close to the glass.

If you've followed the usual tests and still feel unsure about the type of windows you have, ask a professional. The specialists at AOA Construction have over 10 years of experience installing hurricane impact windows and can provide a free estimate for replacement if your current windows don't fit your needs.

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